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House Washing & Exterior Cleaning

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Chemwash Tauranga can clean basically anything! As well as house washing and exterior commercial cleaning, we can also restore decking, treat your roof for moss & lichen, or even clear your gutters to prevent blockages. We also provide window cleaning for buildings of any size, or clean your concrete, asphalt, brick or cobblestones. For your convenience, we can even set up a scheduled annual exterior cleaning plan.

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House Washing Tauranga

Safely clean your house with a Chemwash house wash, letting your home shine. The revolutionary Chemwash system uses specially-formulated products to ease away dirt, grime, build-up, grease and soot – without damage! Our detergents also kill mould, fungus & lichen but will not harm vegetation, and are safe to use around children and pets.

If your house is green and slimy or covered in dirt, get in touch for a free house washing quote. You will be amazed at the results we can achieve!

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Roof Cleaning Tauranga

Our roof cleaning service includes coloursteel, scope-painted iron, and clay & concrete tile roofing. We also offer mould & lichen treatments, and pre-painting preparation if needed. It is recommended that NO water pressure be applied to certain types of roofing, so we actually offer different treatments to suit each surface.

This provides safe, long-term solutions with no risk of damage. As we keep our equipment certifications current and our staff appropriately trained, we ensure the service is always provided safely and efficiently. If you need any kind of roof cleaning in Tauranga, Chemwash has you covered.

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Deck Cleaning Tauranga

Extend the life of your deck with a Chemwash deck clean. With our powerful, yet gentle deck cleaning detergent, we can restore even the greyest deck to near original colour.

Traditional water blasting results in splintering, but our processes protect & restore the wood, reducing slip and ensuring your deck remains in the best condition possible. Deck cleaning is also recommended for pre-paint or stain preparation.

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Concrete Cleaning Tauranga

Get your concrete, drives, paths, walkways and other high-traffic areas looking like new with a Chemwash clean. Our low-pressure concrete cleaning process gently removes ugly build-up from concrete and asphalt surfaces with no damage. We can even keep your paths and walkways safe by removing residue and reducing slip. Our concrete cleaning service is also highly effective on asphalt, cobblestones and brick.

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Window Cleaning Tauranga

Don’t overlook your exterior windows as a part of your house wash tidy up. We safely and professionally clean your windows, which enhance the effect of a freshly washed house. Well-cleaned windows allow the most amount of light to come through into your house. This not only brightens the interior & exterior of your home, it also assists with passive heating.

As part of our window cleaning process, we use a pure water machine to ensure windows are cleaned streak free.

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Gutter Cleaning Tauranga

If your gutters are full of dirt, overflowing, or have grass or plants growing out of them, we can help. We have two ways we can clean out your gutters.

While a simple hand clean will do the job most of the time, this procedure will not remove any fine dirt particles. In some cases a low pressure clean is the way to go. This type of gutter cleaning removes the small dirt particles, as well as mould & grime build up. Keep in mind that the downpipes will need to be disconnected from your water tank while we are performing the clean. In some cases we can do this for you, but it is best to check with your plumber to see if you have a diverter installed. We recommend that gutter cleaning be done annually to prevent blockages and internal linking, which can lead to costly repair bills.

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Moss & Lichen Control Tauranga

A Chemwash spray & leave treatment is the safe & easy way to clean away moss, mould, & lichen from all your exterior surfaces. Our treatment is safe, non-toxic, and fast acting, without causing any damage. There is no scrubbing, harsh chemicals, or high pressure water blasting involved.

We simply apply the product to the fungi infested area, which kills the fungi and spores within hours. The weather then does the rest, washing the mess away and leaving a beautiful clean surface. For your peace of mind, our treatments are guaranteed to work, and we can even provide you with a written guarantee if you require.

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Commercial Services

No commercial cleaning contract is too big or too small for us, whether it is one wall of your commercial building or an annual ongoing contract with hundreds of buildings, we can help. We can submit a detailed and professional tender for your contract in a short time frame. The truth is that first impressions count, no matter what industry you’re in. We can provide competitive quotes for: schools, retirement villages, hotels & motels, apartment blocks & office buildings, factories, annual contract agreements, tunnels & bridges, boats, parking lots & more, just get in touch.

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Pest Control Tauranga

Keeping your home or workplace pest free is simple, just give us a call! Our pest control methods are safe & effective, and we have many non-toxic solutions available. Our prices are very competitive, and all our treatments comes with full warranties. All of our technicians are also fully trained & qualified approved handlers, with current certifications for inspection upon request. We can help you control spiders, ants, flies, wasps, bed bugs and more.

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Exterior Sanitisation

To help create safer environments, Chemwash Tauranga offer an exterior sanitisation service. We can provide this for both commercial businesses and homes, ensuring peace of mind for your customers, staff or family. At risk surfaces could include entrance ways, paths & railing, carparks, and other high traffic areas. Our methods and detergents are effective at disinfecting surfaces, which helps to get rid of bacteria. We can also ensure zero face-to-face contact throughout our entire process.

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Annual Plans

Our annual exterior cleaning plans are ideal for those who use our services more than once. All you need to do is tell us what you would like done over the next twelve months, and how often. That’s it! No more phoning to chase contractors – we will pre-schedule your visits. You won’t even need to think about it throughout the year, it’s as easy as set and forget! You can choose from one of our ready made plans, or create your own custom plan to suit your property.

There are a number of services that can make up your annual plan, including: House Washing, Window Cleaning, Roof Treatments, Gutter Cleaning, Concrete Cleaning, Deck Cleaning, Fence Cleaning and Pest Control.

Click below to find out more or set up a plan. While our Annual Plans are powered by Chemwash, they are managed by Hose n’ Ladders.

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